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(கிருஷ்ணகிரியில் பாலியல் நிபுணர்)

When referring to sexual wellness clinics in India, one can never stand without awe in front of Al Kaif Herbal Clinic, the best Sexologist in Salem, illustrious sex clinical colosseum which paved a herbal path to destroy the umpteen sexual disorders clinging the human body and sorrow precipitated on the human gist. 

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Treatment for all Sexual Problems

Al Kaif Herbal Clinic engraved the dent of holistic treatment for multifarious diseases, engulfing the human body. We encompass a wide range of treatment practices and procedures that will thrash out any type of sexual disorder, disease, and calamity, whether they are chronic or newly contracted.

We Treat:

Sexologist in Salem

Al Kaif Herbal Clinic: Best Sexologist in Salem

Al Kaif Herbal Clinic, as we said, ranks as a distinguished entity in treating multifarious sexual calamities through a holistic treatment approach and procedure. The pertinent and permanent solution for any sexual disorder is detailed in the Unani stream of medicine texts and Alkaif Herbal Clinic assimilated this knowledge from the hierarchy of legendary forefathers who were star Hakims who absorbed the essence of Unani diagnosis and treatment procedures. Al Kaif Herbal Clinic observes these organized practices of Unani medicine with stringent dedication and scientific upgradation. This aristocratic knowledge is marinated with innovative infrastructure and the medical curriculum of a group of young physicians.

Hakim Dr. Syed Shah Anisuddin Qadiri: Sexual Medicine Doctor in Salem

The corporate head of the institution is Hakim Dr. Syed Shah Anisuddin Qadiri, a visionary physician and sexologist who rerailed the derailed sexual lives of thousands of people. A towering personality and the role model of future generation physicians, he grabbed the Best Doctor award in the country multiple times. All sexual disorders are subjected to rigorous intervention by Dr. Qadri to tackle the customized cause behind each one and give customized herbal medicine to that particular cause, which no other physician can boast of. The knowledge to create the particular combination of medicine rests in the acquired know-how and the scholastic wisdom of Dr. Syed Shah Anisuddin Qadiri.

Sexual Problems in Men (ஆண்களில் பாலியல் பிரச்சனைகள்)

The chief sexual disorders and diseases surrounding the lives of males are Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Penile Issues, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases or venereal diseases.

Common Sexual Problems:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Penile Issues
  • Low Libido
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Venereal diseases
  • Female Sexual Problems
Sexologist in Salem

Erectile Dysfunction (விறைப்புத்தன்மை இல்லை)

When a male fails to acquire a proper penile erection to produce strong strokes needed for sexual fulfillment and happy culmination, he may have contracted Erectile Dysfunction. If he repeats the same feature in an augmented way during further sexual sessions, he can be confirmed to have struck with Erectile Dysfunction.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Physiological reasons
  • Psychological reasons
  • Chronic diseases
  • Obesity
  • Surgery-related problems, etc. can be assigned as the creditable reasons for this disorder

Premature Ejaculation (முன்கூட்டிய விந்துதள்ளல்)

if a male ejaculates out, at the very kickoff of sexual interaction, as if he has attained orgasm, we can say premature ejaculation has engulfed him. He hasn’t received an actual orgasm, instead a fake one. This disorder plunges the patient into great agony and the female partner too will be tormented as she was far away from orgasm too. 

Reasons for Premature Ejaculation

Likewise in Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation also is caused by

  • Physiological reasons
  • Psychological reasons
  • Chronic diseases
  • Obesity
  • Surgery-related problems, etc.

Penile Size Issues (ஆண்குறி பிரச்சினைகள்)

Below-average penis and penis with penile shrinkage features are two states of some males who cannot generate strong strokes to arouse the female partner’s sexual feelings and will eventually fail in sexual activity. But most males are not even happy with average penile size because they have pseudo-magnified penile size of porn stars in their psyche. They compare these two and get disheartened and induce a psychological inhibition in exercising true sex. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (பாலியல் ரீதியாக பரவும் நோய்கள் அல்லது பால்வினை நோய்கள்)

Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc. are vicious Sexually Transmitted Diseases that create great menace not only to sexual functioning but to health, in general. Transmitted through sexual intercourse with multiple partners or with the same partner having STD, these horrendous diseases cause rashes, bruises, and distortions on the skin, destroy the genital and internal tracts of the human body, etc. Strict clinical supervision is mandatory in these cases.

Sexual Health Specialist in Salem

As we have discussed at the very outset, Al Kaif Herbal Clinic is the sole asylum for the above sexual diseases and disorders bearers. Hakim Dr. Syed Shah Anisuddin Qadiri and his team have a detailed holistic treatment plan to contain and destroy these dangers. It comprises an in-depth diagnosis using hereditary and contemporary methods to sort out the genuine cause behind each sexual dysfunction. Physical examination, verbal interaction, and paramedical tests are part of this assessment. Based on each cause,  customized and 100% herbal medications without any side effects will be administered which will relinquish the patient from the particular disorder. The treatment of Al Kaif is not limited to sexual revamping, but boosting overall health without tampering with the balance of humours. Thus, this holistic herbal treatment mobilizes your sexual power to its zenith changing your conjugal life into a haven of bliss and lust.

sexologist in krishnagiri

Treatment for all Sexual Diseases (aanmai kuraivu sari seivathu eppadi)

Treatments for sexual disorders and diseases are envisaged and executed by Al Kaif Herbal Clinic. They have a unique system by which a sexually stranded person is subjected to a comprehensive diagnosis including one-to-one interaction, physical examination, conversation, and paramedical tests if needed. Evaluating all these parameters, our highly skilled doctors find out the root cause and eliminate it forever, by administering 100% herbal medicines having no side effects. Apart from it, the psychological trauma surrounding the psyche and inhibiting the sexual performance will be summarily evaded by conducting psychological therapy, thereby re-carving the persona to a new one, filled with positivity and the urge for sexual cohabitation.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Salem

Lust soaring but gear downing… Can’t you live up to your innate lust.? Failed to perform with your spouse? Erection problem mounting up? You may have been struck down by Erectile Dysfunction. In sexual intercourse, a male needs proper erections to produce strong strokes leading to sexual fulfillment and orgasm. But if he cannot induce powerful erections and it repeats on and often, he must be contracted with Erectile Dysfunction. But Al Kaif Herbal clinic is a celebrated Unani herbal clinic that has the mastery of treating any type of sexual disorders and diseases.

Erectile Dysfunction is treated based on detailed diagnosis, tracking down the pivotal reason behind and administering pure, herbal medicines with no side effects. We had treated thousands of patients in and around A.n.mangalam, Achankuttapatti, Adikarai, Akkarapalayam, Aladipatti, Alagapuram, Allikuttai, Ammapet Bazaar, Ammapettai, Andipatti, Annadanapatti, Anuppur, Arisipalayam, Ariyanur, Attayampatti, Attukaranur, Ayodhiyapattinam East, Ayodhiyapattinam, Ayyamperumalpatti, Ayyanthirumaligai, Bairoji Agraharam, Bodinaickenpatti, Boominaickenpatti, Chennagiri, Chinnanur, Chinnaseeragapadi, Chinnatirupathy, D.perumapalayam.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Salem

A soulful lust sets a male to engage in sexual activities. But if that sexual enthusiasm sets at the very outset? A male, during sexual intercourse, after getting proper erections, must thwack with strong stokes for an ample period to attain orgasm and sexual fulfillment. But if he ejaculates very early as if he had attained orgasm, he will be at a loss and his female partner will also be dejected as she is far away from her orgasm. If this feature gets repeated, he may have contracted Premature Ejaculation. If this calamity persists, Al Kaif Herbal Clinic has the perfect solution. Tracking the core reason behind this for each patient, whether it is physical, psychological, or lifestyle, Al Kaif designs a customized herbal medication based on the Unani stream of medical knowledge. Twining with psychological therapy, our experienced physicians mold the sexual stream of the person to a completely charged sexual person. By completing the course of medication for a short period, he will be out of the ailment called Premature Ejaculation.

Penile Enhancement Treatment in Salem

Is penile size a matter of concern? Does an average-sized penis give sexual fulfillment?.

An average-sized penis does give sexual satisfaction to both partners. It need not be like the one in porn magazines and movies. But a below-average-sized penis and a penis having penile shrinkage cannot show sexual expertise. It needs clinical attention and treatment.

Unani stream of medicine has the standoff remedy for it and Al Kaif Herbal Clinic renders that remedy in its original form.

Sexologist in Krishnagiri

Herbal medication and the application of herbal oils for a customized period of time deliver wonders in regaining or attaining the desired size and girth for the penis, endowing you with sexual happiness and glory. We have a vast clientele in and around Kannankurichi, Karipatti, Kariyakoil, Karukkalvadi, Karumanthurai, Karumapuram, Karungalpatti, Karuppur, Karuvalli, Kitchipalayam, Kondalampatti, Kondappanaickenpatti, Koneripatti, Konreddiyur, Kootathupatti, Kosavapatti, Kullampatti, Kuppanur, Kuralnatham, Leigh Bazaar, Magnesite Mines, Mamangam, Mangalam, Maniyanur, Mettur, Mookanur, Narasothipatti, Nathampannai, Nedunchalai Nagar, New Fairlands, New Shevapet, Nithiyaganapathy Nagar, Old Suramangalam, Omalur, Omalur Bazaar, Ondikadai, P.mettupalayam, Pachampatti, Padithurai, Pallapatti, Panamarathupatti, Panangadu, Pandamangalam.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment in Salem

Al Kaif Herbal Clinic, the best Sexologist in Krishnagiri is the most distinguished Unani medical hub which is proficient in treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Being the promulgator of Unani medicine, Al Kaif Herbal Clinic is the asylum for sexually distressed people. We eliminate any types of sexual disorders. But Sexually Transmitted Diseases are not mere sexual diseases, but life-claiming diseases. Occurring due to sexual interaction with multiple partners or with the same partner, having STD, the main malfunctions they create are bruises and distortions
on the skin and destruction of genital and internal tracts.

Al Kaif Herbal Clinic, aanmai kuraivu vaithiyam in tamil, prescribes pure and customized herbal medications, after strict screening, which will tear off any type of deadly STDs like Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Genital Herpes, etc., forever and creates a peaceful and illness-free sexual atmosphere. If you are residing in and around Pannandampalayam, Pappanickenpatti, Park Road, , Pudhukottai, Pudupalayam, Pulithipatti, Pullagoundampatti, Puthanatham, R.goundampatti, R.pudupatty, Radhakrishnapuram, Raja Colony, Rajaganapathy, Rajankuttai, Rajapuram, Ramanathapuram, Rangampalayam, Rangarajapuram, Rangasam, feel free to call us.

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